Freight Auditing

Each freight invoice or pro-bill is subjected to the following rigorous scrutiny in our freight audit / auditing procedure:

  • WomanAuditingafreightbillProper commodity description is checked
  • Advance, beyond and miscellaneous charges are examined
  • Rates, F.S.C. (Fuel Surcharges) and extension errors¬†are checked against published tariffs and negotiated rates
  • Weights are checked against the bill of lading weight and extensions are calculated automatically
  • Pieces and shipments are compared and checked
  • Duplicate pro-bill numbers are detected and rejected electronically, ensuring single pro-bill payment
  • Taxes are checked and verified
  • All errors are corrected before payment is made and 100% savings result!

Freight Bill Payment

Individual freight bills (courier statements) contain information which is inputted into our computer each week.

Duplicate invoices are caught and rejected automatically making duplicate payment impossible.Complimentary Freight Audit Assessment

Carriers Receive:

  • Convenient weekly remittance with detailed information concerning freight reduction by pro-bill.
  • Only the correct amount to which they are entitled.

Clients Receive:

  • Complete financial audit trails showing pro-bills by carrier, original and net charges, reasons for savings and cheque number in which payment was made to carrier.
  • 100% of all savings generated by Compufreight Services Limited.
  • Pro-bills / statements returned paid with all other reports (see management report section) on a weekly basis.

Transportation Management Reports

Flexibility is the key-word for Compufreight’s management reports. We provide customized reports designed to meet the needs of each client.

Reports can be created at any time (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).


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Compufreight offers the transportation industry web accessed and based reporting. We utilize key performance indicators (KPI's), informative dashboard reports to provide in-depth analysis and ensure carrier billing accuracy. Compufreight provides freight audits and freight bill payments and can help with carrier rate negotiation. We also offer freight analysis and transportation analysis. We offer all types of transportation and freight management to help companies reduce their freight costs. Compufreight is Canadian Owned and operated.
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