Document Preparation

Document Preparation & Freight ClassificationFreightAuditing

Bill of Lading Review and Preparation including proper freight classification are services available to Compufreight clients. State-of-the-art techniques are employed to facilitate this service.

Loss And Damage Claims

Loss and damage claims can be filed and followed up by our staff at our clients request.  Additional charges apply for freight claim management.

Other Services Include:

      • “Third party” distribution management services (out-sourcing)
      • EDI analysis and implementation support services
      • Expediting and tracing
      • Transportation function on a contractual basis
      • Private fleet management (Reporting)
      • Foreign market transportation cost identification
      • Distribution network computer modelling
      • Transportation education programs
      • Import/export documentation and landed cost analysis
      • Inventory management analysis and advice
      • Distribution packaging analysis and advice
      • JIT delivery analysis and implementation support
      • Pallet and other unitization device control system
      • Distribution accounting and trend analysis report
      • Material handling analysis and advice
      • Logistics analysis and advice

Complimentary Freight Audit Assessment


Compufreight Services Limited offers a number of transportation related studies including:

      • Private trucking opportunity analysis
      • Plant location analysis
      • Warehouse location analysis
      • Distribution analysis
      • Market analysis


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Compufreight offers the transportation industry web accessed and based reporting. We utilize key performance indicators (KPI's), informative dashboard reports to provide in-depth analysis and ensure carrier billing accuracy. Compufreight provides freight audits and freight bill payments and can help with carrier rate negotiation. We also offer freight analysis and transportation analysis. We offer all types of transportation and freight management to help companies reduce their freight costs. Compufreight is Canadian Owned and operated.
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